Minereach Update

minereach a posted Mar 14, 14
So Its been a little to long since we gave all you Amazing people an update on the server! So lets get right into it, first off id like to talk about bridge Raid. As of this update Bridge Raid is down for updates. We should have it back up for this weekend. We also plan on getting some youtubers to come on and check it out, So get ready for that! From there we will be adding new maps and game additions to keep the game fun and entertaining. 

Now for some other updates, we are exited to introduce a small but extremely fun addition to our hub server! Introducing BouncyBlocks, By crouching and right clicking on the ground you can make blocks fly in the air. You can even ride the blocks by right clicking them in the air!

In other news, for all of you who have been patiently waiting for Blocks vs Zombies... Well you going to have to wait a little longer but were bringing in some awesome additions and changes to bring your Normal BVZ to an entire new level. Just keep an eye out for that and Prepare yourself for awesomeness!

Well thats it for now! If you have any recommendations or ideas feel free to share them on the forums! 

- The Minereach Staff

weirdpotato156 since your not asking i guess i should start sharing my idea.for hide and seek the hider will be a block that is in the ...
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Minereach Introduction

minereach a posted Nov 9, 13

Welcome to the Minereach Network website. As you can probably tell it is a work in progress as are the Network servers. The Minereach Network offers a special gaming experience that includes all the games you are familiar with including factions and prison. We also have added our own special touch that separates us from the competition. We are proud to announce our custom minigames including Bridgeraid and Reach PVP.
ZlewisjamesZ Cant wait till grand opening!
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